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The UIT Festival: theatre, song and dance in The Hague 

Wednesday 1 September 2021

It’s curtains up for the performing arts in The Hague this weekend! After more than a year of COVID lockdowns and restrictions, audiences are being invited back to see plays, listen to concerts and view live performances again. The annual UIT Festival marks the opening of the season by giving you a taste of what’s to come in the city of Peace, Justice AND entertainment. DutchbuzZ caught up with local actor, Patricia Cardona to hear about upcoming performances.

DutchbuzZ Good News Story

Wool for Warmth has launched its vintage shop of upcycled treasure!

Wednesday 9 June

“Wool for Warmth is not only about keeping the Hague’s homeless people warm in the winter but also about giving something back to our volunteers.” Cathy Delhanty has a talent for attracting treasure, both in terms of volunteers and in terms of donated goods. Her unique model is to use the hidden talents of her volunteers to upcycle the donated items which they then sell, to offset the costs of the charity. In doing so they bring visibility to some undiscovered artists while raising money to support the homeless. Check out their Vinted pages and you may just find your donated items transformed and waiting for a new life!

Photos: Wille and his Wall of Motion; Wille Vaskimo’s graphic artwork; the Wool for Warmth team

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