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How has the Covid-19 pandemic specifically affected internationals living in The Hague? A new report commissioned by the municipality’s International Centre and produced by ICAP (the International Community Advisory Panel) reveals the impact on mental health, jobs and income and future plans of internationals. Deborah Valentine, member of ICAP, explains the findings to DutchbuzZ.

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Tiptoeing through the tulips – Keukenhof open as part of a ‘test’

Sunday 11 April

Forced to close due to the COVID lockdown in spring last year, Keukenhof was open from Friday to Sunday this weekend (9-11 April) for 5000 visitors as day as part of a ‘test’ programme. One of the Netherlands’ top tourist attractions, Keukenhof’s tulip displays attracted up to 60 000 visitors a day at the height of the season in the years before the pandemic closed the annual event. Keukenhof will be open for another ‘test’ to a limited 5000 visitors a day next weekend if the pilot programme is a success. Only people who have a negative COVID test result are permitted into the resort.

Opening Keukenhof to a limited number of people with a negative test result is a pilot scheme to test whether other events can take place without risk of COVID infections.

Keukenhof photos: Kristine Racina

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