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Bravery awards for surfing tragedy 

Friday 14 May 2021

A year ago, 5 experienced surfers lost their lives in a surfing tragedy near the harbour mouth in Scheveningen. Although a massive rescue and search operation was launched immediately, only one of the surfers survived. DutchbuzZ spoke to two members of the rescue team who this week received medals for their service and courage…

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Inspiring beach walk to chase away the blues and extra kilos!

Friday 23 April

Covid measures may have eased a little in the Netherlands, but the infection rate remains daunting in The Hague and surroundings. Someone who thinks that sitting it out at home is not an option is international coach and mentor Andy Chaleff who recently walked the entire Dutch coastline. In this interview for DutchbuzZ, he spoke to Lily-Anne Stroobach in Scheveningen… 

Photos: Andy Chaleff

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