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DutchbuzZ Productions stands for:

✔   Delivery: clarity, accuracy and the ability to meet deadlines.

✔   Engagement: communication that ‘speaks’ to its target audience.

✔   Creativity and fun: our studio presentation workshops are not only instructive and effective; you also get to experience working in a live studio!

All work is translated and revised by native English speakers.

Let us look at your text before you send it to the printers or place it on your website. It could make all the difference! 







DutchbuzZ Productions offers you an array of English communication services.

Every organization, however large or small, has a story to tell – to both the outside world and internally to all your colleagues. It not only promotes your business, but actively builds bridges between your company, clients and employees; bringing them closer to mutual understanding, appreciation and respect for each other. It’s called Company Engagement and has its rich rewards. See our list of services below!


Editor, journalist, copywriter, presenter

As an editor, journalist, copywriter and radio broadcaster, I have been actively involved with researching, writing and editing news and magazine articles for more than 20 years. Producing news programmes for the South African Broadcasting Corporation and other national and local radio stations has honed my writing, reporting and presentation skills. I have gathered this experience on two different continents and am as much at home in English as in Dutch. Born in the Netherlands, I completed my primary, secondary and academic education in English.

Lily-Anne Stroobach


Copywriting for professional magazines, company newsletters, annual reports, advertisements, website content, brochures, blogs, business correspondence and speeches.

After a thorough briefing, the text is written to suit the client’s specific needs and adapted to reach a particular readership, target audience or market sector. Your media releases and professional articles are written by an experienced journalist.

 Urgent need to accelerate the pace of change for sustainable cultivation [press release], by Lily-Anne Stroobach


Dutch to English translations at competitive rates
Active in this field for more than 20 years in a host of sectors that range from current affairs, business, education, the arts, food, travel, tourism, fashion, agriculture and environmental issues. We do not translate financial or legal documents.

Over the years , our clients have included Shell, Novib and other NGOs, DSM, The Hague Municipality, The Hague Campus, various universities and other academic institutions, Koppert Biological Systems, Priva, Duurzaam Den Haag, and a number of ‘ZZP’ companies.

 [logos of Koppert Biological Systems, Duurzaam Den Haag, Access, The Hague municipality, Priva, EIT-food, Den Haag FM]

Proofreading and editing

This is done by experienced native English writers. We check and correct website text, business correspondence, academic publications, and books, both fiction and non-fiction.

All work is double-checked by native English speakers.

Book Translations

Translations of books – fiction and non-fiction
These are exciting but time-consuming projects which we can accept if we are familiar with the topic. Our latest book translations were the English version of One Girl, One Dream for publisher HarperCollins, and The Unwanted Son. References sent on request.

On air workshops

Need to give a presentation or face the media in English? Experienced journalists put you through your paces, check your script, and fine-tune your presentation so that listeners or viewers feel engaged and give you their full attention. During the workshop you will be exposed to the thrill of presenting in a live studio!

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